About Us


FARMWELL is an agriculture-focused professional organization that provides quality services in the areas of Consultancy and Project Management. Being a pioneer in the field of professional farm management in Pakistan, FARMWELL has consistently assisted its clients in exploiting available opportunities in multiple sub-sectors of Pakistan agriculture. By guiding investment into the most promising and yet severely underexplored segment of the economy we help our clients diversify into high potential agribusiness ventures.

FARMWELL has a competent team of professionals who assist the clients in their diversified business needs. Collectively FARMWELL has expertise and knowledge of agricultural operations ranging from orchard management to livestock, aquaculture and agro-processing. FARMWELL team also possesses strong understanding in business development, finance and accountancy. This extremely diversified knowledge base not only helps us identify lucrative agribusiness opportunities for our clients but also enables us in developing well-researched feasibility studies and business plans that help our clients take well-informed decisions

Our very strong connectivity with farmer community makes us an ideal partner for carrying out training and capacity building projects for governments and developmental organizations.

Our team’s connectivity with farmers at grass root level on one hand and with board room executives of large corporate entities on the other gives us unique ability to understand agriculture and business from all perspectives

Being involved in agriculture at the grass root level exposes us to demand and availability of farmland. Ranging from few acres in suburbs of large metropolis suitable for capital gains related investments to large tracts of land suitable for different types of farming operations; our team can find the right piece of land to fit your investment requirements.

Our clientele includes Developmental Organizations, Aid Agencies, Provincial Governments and Private Investors.