FARMWELL has a strong trade arm as well. Our wide reach in diversified geographies and production areas within Pakistan enables us to procure agriculture produce, particularly horticulture products, directly from farms. We particularly specialize in production and trade of “date fruit” which we can supply in large volumes to interested buyers, both local and international. In addition to owning date orchards spread over hundreds of acres,

FARMWELL has access to thousands of date growers in Khairpur, the main date producing district in Pakistan with estimated annual production of around 250,000 MTs. Khairpur alone produces around half of Pakistan’s total annual date production which is estimated close to 600,000 MTs. This strong presence in the main date production center of the country enables us to procure date fruit directly from the farms. Aseel, the predominant date variety in Pakistan is extremely suitable for processing into date paste and date syrup due to high moisture and sugar content. Many European buyers buy industrial grade Aseel from us for further processing at their end.